Thanks, Mike! As usual, Jude was great and the picture is awesome.

Sue Bechtol

Come to us for
  • Largest speaker selection in Northern California!
  • Epson projectors up to 50ft diagonal!
  • Complete conditioned home theater environments.
  • Lutron smart lighting.
  • Universal remote controls.
  • Central vacuum systems.
  • Whole house audio distribution.
  • Fiber optic indoor and outdoor distribution.
  • Up to to 25km wireless links/direct fiber replacement.

We Provide Solutions

Mike Gunther has been providing high-quality solutions to Clients starting in 1985!

We offer complete surround sound home theater experience, plasmas, LCDs, DLPs and projector systems that are easy to use and operate. We also specialize in "smart home" wiring for all of today's and tomorrow's applications, central vacuum systems, central lighting systems, and cell phone antenna booster systems.

Our satisfied commercial clients include  T Bar, Butte College, Bidwell Perk, Nantucket, Chico Design Center, Paradise Medical Center, Drs. Lim & Seidenstricker. 

Our residential clients include Dr. Brad Smith of Chico Immediate Center, Dr. Deron Ludwig, Dr. Jason Vance, Dr. Lance Luddington, Dr. Ronald Batin, Dr. Pablo Arregui, Dr. Ed Rodgers, Dr. Steve Vanucci and many others.

We've installed millions of dollars worth of equipment, we take pride in our ability to meet your needs. We'll help you get the most for your money, whether you need a single universal remote or an entire home theater experience.

Please contact us at (530) 873-3665 with any questions.